Monday, February 05, 2007

End of Winter Haiku Blog on the 4th of Feb

Dear all,

As some of you would have realised, the Winter Blog was due to end on the 31st of January 2007. We have extended the last day for posts to the 4th of February, so that you have a few days of notice, should you need to make backups of the Haiku you have submitted here. After the 4th, we will remove you all as members - however the blog will remain as it is with everyone's contributions.

Alison Williams (see message below) will be hosting the Spring Haiku blog - thanks Alison! Please send her an email as requested if you want to join the Spring blog.

Thanks all for sharing in the Winter Haiku 2006 Blog.

Sangeet and Paul
(ps the post has been deliberately post dated to stay at the top of the blog)


Blogger Catnapping said...

spring haiku is something that will hafta come from my imagination, cuz it's still winter here in montana...

5:58 pm  

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