Thursday, December 07, 2006

dancing crystals
on creaking snow
child’s laughter


Blogger John McDonald said...

I love it especially ...creaking snow'

12:13 pm  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

I agree, creaking snow is so it!

It brings back childhood memories of the time my part of Blighty had that kind of snow effect!!!

4:33 pm  
Blogger littlepurplecow said...

I love the "creaking snow" too! No snow here (and likely not to come), but I remember that sound so well.

Nice one!

4:37 pm  
Blogger Yansidara said...

oh ashi! its beautiful! its musical! is so vivid! great poem!

10:23 pm  
Blogger Ashi said...

Thank you to all of you I enjoyed sharing a memory from back then - where winter was winter...

11:42 pm  
Blogger sangeet said...


9:03 pm  

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